Classes, Choirs and Ensembles

Children’s Choir

FAVA Children’s Choir provides a solid foundation for young singers, grades 1-6, in healthy vocal use, musicianship and expression in a fun, interactive atmosphere.

The Master’s Chorale (TMC)

The Master’s Chorale (TMC), FAVA’s flagship choral group, is a mixed choir for teens in grades 7-12. This choir performs a diverse array of choral music including folk songs, musical theater selections, spirituals and classical repertoire. By placement audition and full-year enrollment. 


Songbirds is an advanced treble a cappella group for teens.  By audition only. 

Adult Festival Chorus

Festival Chorus is open to FAVA’s teens and adult singers from the community.  Intergenerational singing is a highlight of participation in this mixed choir which performs a diverse selection of choral music, from show tunes to classical repertoire.  

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